More Gravy Anyone ?

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There I was sitting in the bath thinking about the vegetarian gravy problem. (as you do !) When it suddenly hit me. Of course. Nutritional Yeast. 

A frequent comment from vegetarians is that they don’t miss meat, just meat based gravy. I don’t recall such remarks when we had the restaurant and shop, probably because we were more ‘salad and savoury’ than ‘taters and gravy’. 

We started a small 20 seat vegetarian restaurant in the summer of 1973 and I remember thinking salad is o k in the summer, but it will be unthinkable in the winter,what are we going to do ? 

Because a salad in those days was 2 lettuce leaves, a tomato, and a couple of slices of cucumber, mockingly referred to by cynics as rabbit food. 

I was pleased and relieved that by the time our first winter came, the cavalry in the form of my wife and her couple of homely cooks, rode to the rescue by creating a variety of imaginative, colourful and tasty salad combinations, such as Hawaiian Zing,Butter Bean Plus, Fruity Coleslaw, Florida Visit,Vitamin Natural, and many other original creations that are widely copied and available in Supermarkets and Delis today. 

They also developed lots of savoury dishes served hot, including a Premium Nut Roast, - A real Winner !- for which the recipe was frequently asked, often from national celebrities when appearing at the local theatre, and when that wasn’t successful, sometimes another request for it by letter on their return home. 

As our cooks demonstrated – salads are ideal for sparking creativity.You can be an artist by gathering a palette of ingredients, and let taste and sight inspire imagination and invention, to produce exciting mixtures of colour and flavour.   

But to return to the topic of the article.

Try replacing meat sourced gravy stock with potato or other vegetable water, and add some yeast and vegetable extract like Vecon or Vegemite to taste. 

Or let this link take you to a very good vegetarian gravy recipe using nutritional yeast flakes. 

Gravy making seems to be prone to a varied range of results and inconsistencies, too thick, too thin,lumpy,burnt,horrible, and often arouses a competitive and critical attitude between cooks. 

gravy article wordpress Scan The look on these two ladies faces illustrates the point ! 

1st woman ‘thinks’ – ‘Her gravy is like water,you can see through it’

2nd woman ‘thinks’ ‘Her gravy is too thick, she serves it sliced’ 

It has also been known on occasions to cause family rifts- 

John invited his mother over for dinner. During the meal, his mother couldn’t help noticing how attractive and shapely the housekeeper was. Over the course of the evening, she started to wonder if there was more between John and the housekeeper than met the eye. 

Reading his mum’s thoughts, John volunteered, “I know what you must be thinking, but I assure you, my relationship with my housekeeper is purely professional.” 

About a week later, the housekeeper came to John and said, “Ever since your mother came to dinner, I’ve been unable to find the beautiful silver gravy ladle. You don’t suppose she took it, do you?” John said, “Well, I doubt it, but I’ll write her a letter just to be sure.” So he sat down and wrote: 

Dear Mother, I’m not saying you ‘did’ take a gravy ladle from my house, and I’m not saying you ‘did not’ take a gravy ladle. But the fact remains that one has been missing ever since you were here for dinner. 

Several days later, John received a letter from his mother which said: - Dear Son, I’m not saying that you ‘do’ sleep with your housekeeper, and I’m not saying that you ‘do not’ sleep with your housekeeper. But the fact remains that if she was sleeping in her own bed, she would have found the gravy ladle by now. 

Love.  Mum.

Doctor – ” Do you know where the erogenous zone is ” ? Patient – ” err … I know you can’t park there after 6 o-clock”




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Honey Mud and Maggots !

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An exciting collection of vegetarian sweets attractively presented. A gift to please and excite. Delivered by Amazon.co.uk.
Ivor and friends
Date published: 02/25/2014
8 / 10 stars

Living Better,Longer. 

Is a current government slogan.

Of course we’ve been here before.‘You’ve never had it so good’ was the rallying call of the US Democratic Party in 1952 and British Prime Minister Harold MacMillan in 1957.

I think it was good then.I personally can’t remember it being otherwise.But then I was happy with the simple pleasures, like looking forward to the Saturday night hop and the music of Elvis and the Beatles.

We had just about recovered from the war years and rationing, Against that background life was bound to appear on the up.

In the 50+ years since, dramatic improvements and inventions like the internet have occurred , to alter and change the way we live and do things.Advances in areas such as food quality and choice,housing,healthcare,entertainment,wages,discretionary income(what’s left after essential bills have been paid),information,entertainment,travel etc. have given real meaning to life enjoyment for so many.

And such enjoyment in itself stimulates and provides motivation to live longer.

The transformation between Good Times then and now, is particularly relevant and noticeable with retirees. 

The ability of many with state pensions boosted by independent private pensions and in good health, to live comfortable enjoyable full active lives with a wide range of leisure activities to choose from, is evident daily. 

Travel,diningout,socialising,sport,theatre.The choice and accessibility is astonishing  and unthinkable not that many years ago,especially when I contrast it to the comparative hardship and bleak greyness of my parent’s retirement years. 

2 Diet through Food Amanda.cm And yet, and yet – there is a  puzzle ! 

Isn’t there something  at odds with the government’s Living Better,Longer ?. 

We are, yes, it’s visible, but why then are we prescribing so much medication to a healthier population, and so many hospitals stretched to cope with demand.? 

I was discussing the subject with a friend and he also cannot understand the seeming contradiction. He said on a recent hospital visit he saw a nurse pushing a trolley from bed to bed. She was wearing a high visibility bib on which was printed. Medication Dispensing. Do not Distract. 

He was shocked to see the quantity and variety of pills, potions,and powders stocked on the trolley. It made him think of a joke in the chemist shop where he worked – 

“They will soon be producing pills for which there are no known ailments” 

Living better longer, so why all the pills ? 

A couple of years ago I was going on a walking holiday with a party of similar aged wrinklies. I was phoned by the organiser thanking me for my details.“ But you forgot to fill in the medication section” she said. “I don’t take any” I replied. Astonished she said “that is remarkable, you are one of the oldest in the party and the only one not on any medication” 

“Not on any medication – what’s wrong with you man” ! 

Of course the pharmaceutical industry and medical research specialists have to keep striving to beat Cancer,Heart Disease,Alzeimers and other difficult to eliminate serious health issues still with us, and to carry on producing the medicines which  conquered or control diseases here, to use in less advantaged populations

But I wonder if there isn’t an element in the pills proliferation puzzle of Parkinson’s law – ‘Work expands to fill the time available’ ? 

With the medicine manufacturers it could be –  ’What new health concern can we make pills for today ? 

 There are plenty of serious health issues all over the world to tackle without wasting creative time and resources pandering to the latest niggle of the‘worried well’ 

Looking after your own health is not encouraged because a mindset has developed that there will be a pill to fix any ailment. There were fewer pills when I was growing up, so more incentive to look after your  health. 

Rather there were often disincentives present in the limited treatments available.The cure was often worse than the ailment.. 

a Dentist Treadle Drill. An example is the dentist’s treadle drill (1890-1940. pictured). I still vaguely remember hoping the dentist would not find a need to use the thing when visiting our school.And the noise it made was nerve jangling.Was there a greater incentive to look after your teeth than having to face that. 

I did neglect them more recently but the only consequence of having it put right was one of time.The procedure was painless. Hence my point. The fear was gone. 

Another example, probably unlikely, but too good a story to check.The trainer of a local football (soccer) team had a technique of  biting injured limbs of players. His version of acupuncture! 

In a match, an injured player had only to catch a glimpse of ‘Jaws’ adjusting his false teeth as he ran a towards him across the pitch, and there was a miracle recovery.

Would there be similar quick recoveries if the chemical laden medicine trolley in our hospitals was stocked with the folk remedies of yesteryear, like – Honey, Mud, and Maggots.?

 The Flexitarian Table: Inspired, Flexible Meals for Vegetarians, Meat Lovers, and Everyone in Between

Doctor ” Do you practice safe sex ?” Patient – “Yes I have a handrail round the bed and I always keep one foot on the floor”.



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Deja Vu.

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175 Home Made Herbal Formulas for Glowing Skin and vibrant Self.
Date published: 03/15/2014
9 / 10 stars


 In the closing remarks to my post of November 11th 2013 titled – 

If America Sneezes Today – The Rest of the World Catches Cold Tomorrow. 

I wrote -

‘When you’re young, eating without thought appears o.k at the time because a youthful constitution can tolerate abuse, but silently and slowly a ticking time bomb can build and surface later for many, in the form of expanding waistlines and below par health’. 

The reason we have to exercise more discipline in our food decisions today, is because of the enormous increase in choice and availability of tempting sugary and fatty foods, which are harmful to health if indulged to excess

Consider this contrast -. 

“Many children go to school today, with a sweet snack in one hand and a fizzy drink in the other.” 

We took an apple and an orange.


And Now -

 The World Health Organisation has just renewed it’s warnings about excessive sugar consumption  –


The above prediction coupled with my opening a health food shop in 1972 before they became popular might seem that I possess a gift of foresight.

I thought so too until a couple of incidents revealed otherwise.

Down to earth story #1

After about 5 years our health food shop was in the top 3 for retail sales in the U.K. and I was invited onto a national committee.

The chairman was the Chief Executive of the wholesaler of health foods, and as they had a monoploly he knew everything going on in the industry.

He liked to keep we committee members on our toes by encouraging healthy competiveness and to try to out do each other in monthly sales

Hey, talking about out doing one another, I think a joke involving Russia and America during the cold war was the best ‘come back’ answer of all time –

 Russia ordered from America – 20 million 16 inch condoms.!

So America manufactured and delivered the order in packets labelled –  Small.

Take that !

Now back to how my good judgement and self belief was punctured -

At one committee meeting the chairman told us that a lady newcomer to the health food business was opening a shop in Brighton.

He said he was most impressed with her and predicted that she would do well.

He went on and on about the lady and was so glowing with his remarks that I was very intrigued.

It prompted me to say to Sylvia, my wife “Fancy a weekend at the seaside, I’d like to see this ‘Wonder Woman’s’ shop?”

So we went to Brighton. Had a look round. I didn’t think the shop was anything outstanding and was surprised by how small it was.

On the way back home I said “ She’s not going to break any sales records or progress very far with a shop that size”

Doh !

The lady was Anita Roddick and that small shop was the launch pad for the ‘Body Shop’ international empire.

After opening her shop Anita quickly made the decision to give up the vitamins, herbal remedies, Beauty Without Cruelty Cosmetics and the many other categories stocked by a typical health food shop, and concentrate on just one –

Natural Cosmetics – Look Good.Feel Good.

Organic Body Care Recipes: 175 Homemade Herbal Formulas for Glowing Skin & a Vibrant Self

And the rest as we know – is history !

Mis-judgement # 2.

On the first floor above the restaurant and health food shop I opened a craft and gift shop to sell pine, pottery and paintings similar to those used and forming the ‘all natural’ theme and décor of the restaurant.

I attended Gift Trade Fairs to buy stock and on one occasion was offered the opportunity to import and distribute in the U.K a new novelty puzzle product – The Rubik Cube.

I manipulated the puzzle for a while, couldn’t solve it and decided it would never catch on. So turned the offer down.

It became a best selling craze of course with thousands sold

 Doh !       

Another ‘put down’ story I like -

Lady Astor – “If you were my husband I’d poison your coffee”

Sir Winston Churchill - ” If you were my wife I’d drink it 

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Eureka !

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organic all natural dry vegetarian dog food.nutrition balanced added nutrients vitamins minerals.
Natural Balance
Manufactured by: Natural Balance
Model: Flexitarian Diet
Product ID: Mediterranean Food.
based on reviews
From - New

Starting as a Vegetarian. 

The 3 benefits most people associate with vegetarianism are -

Health, Animal Welfare, and the Environment.

And confirmed by research  - It is Healthier.  

Alerted by numerous official studies reports and food scares, the public are increasingly giving importance to where their food comes from and it’s quality, best summed up by the Health Food message -

 “We are what we Eat”

The Smart Girl’s Guide to Going Vegetarian: How to Look Great, Feel Fabulous, and Be a Better You

Hint – Easy tryout suggested in this book – Start by adopting the ‘Meatless Monday’ Program

In the early nineties a Gallop survey of adults for Realeat – a vegetarian food company – reported that the main reason they became vegetarian was health, and 75% also stated their concern was over the treatment of animals. 

In 1983 Scientists surveyed the basic food patterns of 6.500 Chinese and they each contributed facts about their diet.The ChineseAcademy of Preventative Medicine then worked with a nutritional biochemist of CornellUniversity to study the information. 

One of their findings was that in those regions of China where meat eating had increased, it was closely followed by increases in the diseases associated with affluence, including heart attacks,cancer and diabetes.

My Involvement. 

I first became associated with the health food movement in 1970 (yes I’m past my ‘Best Before’ date and retired) so I could justify adding longevity to the three advantages mentioned. 

I discovered and liked a health food shop when I was browsing in a neighbouring town and wandered into a shop that instantly struck me as different. 2 Diet through Food Amanda.cm

The mouth watering aroma of the fresh wholewheat bread,biscuits and cakes was irresistable,and I became a frequent visitor even though it entailed a 50 mile round trip.

Please realize that this was before health food shops became fashionable and found in every town as they are today.

In the early 1970s you tended to look furtively left and right in case a neighbour saw you visiting such a place, and think you’d gone cranky. 

In fact one of the very first pioneering health food shops were brave enough to name their shop ‘Cranks’ . 

Their judgement and anticipation of  the change in  public attitudes that was to come was uncanny and correct.

Eventually they became nationally famous, and then internationally as well, because if you ate a vegetarian meal on an airline, the label on the pack would most likely say -  Prepared and supplied by ‘Cranks of London’.

Fast forward a couple of years and inspired by that first memorable health food shop visit, and firmly convinced that wholesome unprocessed ingredients were better tasting and better for good health, I started a health food shop, together with my wife. 

Then a year later a small 20 seat vegetarian restaurant was added, so that customers could taste the difference in wholefood baking and cooking. It became so popular people queued out into the street at lunchtimes. 

Traffic Wardens told me that our vegetarian restaurant was the second most asked for place by visitors to the city, after The Cathedral. 

From 20 to 200.

By this time (1986) steady growth had seen the 20 seats become 200, achieved through converting adjoining properties as they conveniently became available in perfect time to our needs. Meant to be ! 

Proof surely that vegetarian food can be not only healthy but wholesome and tasty too. Many of our customers were not vegetarians, though our food did play a big part in making converts.

They liked and were surprised by the delicious flavours, and surprisingly wide menu choice and variety, easily produced for comparatively little money. 

That was the appeal. Big mouth watering tastes, for economy money. Summed up in the simple message and philosophy behind this website”startingasavegetarian.com –

“We Are What We Eat”

There are so many positives in giving more thought to what we eat.

There’s exercising the thinking powers in being more creative in the planning of meals. 

And I think health food believers,vegetarians and flexitarians are by and large a happier breed.

Customers of our health food shop and restaurant would often say it always seemed a happy welcoming place, a visit that was  a pleasure to look forward to. 

And they were right, we were a happy bunch. Meat, especially red meat, is the fuel of anger. Prize Fight Boxers stoke up their aggression building up to a big fight by eating plenty of beef steaks. 

I know of the disease curing claims of course, but I prefer to emphasise the diet as preventative and when allied to other disciplines, such as exercise and a moderate attitude to alcohol and tobacco, will provide a good foundation for achieving and maintaining good health. 

To me it’s just common sense. Startingasavegetarian.com isn’t going to magic away existing ailments, but I personally think that following it is a positive move in a healthier direction. 

People with existing conditions should not make drastic changes to their diet however, without getting the advice of their doctor. 

That said, everything for the body to function at its best, is found in a vegetarian diet.The emphasis of this website – startingasavegetarian.com is and will be on a healthy vegetarian lifestyle and illness prevention. 

Still hesitating ?  Then read more here – 

The 30-day course offered at Vegetarians Beginners Guide (control + click to follow link)will provide all the tools and information needed. 

There are tips menus and recipes, plus various guidelines and ways to begin and progress.

It contains a 30 day journal to document thoughts and experiences. For example – Dietary changes can be entered.

Eating habits can be tracked.This helps to maintain focus and provide the comforting feeling of being in good helpful company.  

Click Here (control +click to follow link)for more information. Or see top right hand corner of this page.

Also check -

The Smart Girl’s Guide to Going Vegetarian: How to Look Great, Feel Fabulous, and Be a Better You


 Things my Mother Taught Me (# 3/20. Luck.) One day you’re the pigeon, another day the statue.)

Things My Mother Taught Me (#2/20. Logic)) “Why ? Because I said so that’s why”

 Things My Mother Taught Me (#1/20. Humour) “If that lawnmower cuts off all your toes don’t come running to me” !


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Dairy Free Organic Easter Eggs for Vegan or Vegetarian
Ivor & Friends
Date published: 03/01/2014
8 / 10 stars

It was about midday in our 200 seat vegetarian restaurant and we were busy, steadily building towards the usual peak between 1 and 2 pm.

2 uniformed policemen approached and showed me a piece of paper with a name on it.” Is this person working for you “? “ He’s our new chef” I said”

“He’s a wanted person ,we’re arresting him”

“ Can it wait for a couple of hours, you can see how busy we are?” I pleaded

But no. And no explanation either. “You’ll be notified shortly”

So we had the embarrassment of seeing our chef in his whites being marched between 2 uniformed officers through a crowded restaurant.

Not to mention the problem of coping for the rest of the lunchtime session with a key person short.

The Why -

In 1988 after 16 years hard but successful and enjoyable work, the wife and I decided to ease up.

We leased the business to a tenant who carried on successfully for a couple of years but then started to struggle, eventually filing for bankruptcy in 1992.

So our restaurant and shop stood empty whilst the official receiver dealt with the creditors and winding up procedure.

I was pressing the insolvency officials daily, anxious about the damage being done to the customer base.

It’s well known that building customer goodwill takes years of consistent effort and standards, but can be destroyed in weeks of closure or bad comments.

After 8 weeks closed I got clearance to re-open.

In the meantime most of the staff had got other jobs. I contacted key members but most had to give a months notice to their employer.

I couldn’t wait, so went to the employment centre.They said we’ve got just the person for you – a recently discharged army chef and immediately available to start 

I cut corners interviewing  and didn’t do any background checking other than looking at his experience as an army chef and qualifications.

After engaging him and saying start tomorrow, alarm bells should have rung when he said he had nowhere to stay, could I find him somewhere for a few nights whilst he looked around.

We had room in a basement so he moved in there.

The business re-opened the next day with advertising announcing the news –

Open again under new old management.

We were about a fortnight in and building custom nicely when the police pounced.

Turned out our chef was an army deserter who’d also committed a crime whilst on the run.

Unbelievable. He was a very likeable bloke, got on well with all the other staff and was an excellent worker and skilled cook.

About six months later we got a letter from him with a Strangeways Prison address, apologising, and thanking us for our help and kindness in giving him a job and accommodation.

He blamed alcohol and divorce for his problems although I never suspected or saw any evidence during his fortnight with us.

Dairy Free Organic Milk Chocolate Easter Egg 100g

Ah! Alcohol  - “To be intoxicated is to feel sophisticated, but not be able to say it”. Homer Simpson.

I like a drink, especially since retirement, but it got me involved in an incident recently.

Our surgery has a new doctor, and on a visit for a routine checkup he asked questions about my lifestyle, how did I look after myself ?

Well with my career background I do give importance to diet and exercise.”What about alcohol”? he asked. “Yes, I have a regular whisky nightcap”

He then wanted me to take a blood test. I did. The result was good except for slightly elevated cholesterol. I was surprised when he told me he wanted the hospital to carry out a check, and he said you’d better take an overnight bag, because as you live on your own, if they give you a particular medication, you’ll have to stay in.

So I reported to the hospital puzzled and bewildered, even more so when I was taken straight to a bed and plugged into various gadgets. I was visited at intervals for procedures through the evening and early hours, but the answers to my repeated question – “What is going on “ ? were not very clear.

Eventually in the wee small hours I was visited by a doctor who said “You’ll be pleased to know we can’t find anything wrong. Your liver and vital organs are fine. You can go home if you want, but as it’s 3.0 am you might as well stay and have breakfast.

Matt alcohlolics card_opt We laugh about it now. I was sent this card on my birthday. I passed a copy to my doctor, accompanied by a note saying that although I was mystified at the time, I did appreciate his concern for my well being and his thoroughness.

The cartoonist Matt features regularly in the U.K Daily Telegraph. His ‘Best Of’ Annual is a ‘Must’ for me and thousands of others each year.

Politicians are frequently the butt of his drawings but many make admiring comments like – “I like to start my day with a laugh, by looking at the Matt cartoon. Never fails.”

I quote Sir Terry Wogan – “Any humorist will tell you how hard it is to be funny to order, even once a week.This man does it every day week and year,and illustrates it into the bargain”

Things My Mother Taught Me (#2/20. Logic)) “Why ? Because I said so that’s why”

Things My Mother Taught Me (#1/20. Humour) “If that lawnmower cuts off all your toes don’t come running to me” !

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For and against information about vegetarian food for dogs with advice from veterinary publications and qualified expert Dr
veterinary Monthly and Dr Armaiti May DVM.
Date published: 02/15/2014
/ stars

The Police Dog handler sternly warned the two youthful burglars caught on our business premises after closing hours  

 “Now stay there and don’t move” .

On hearing those words the Alsatian growled at them menacingly with lips curled, showing some fearsome looking fangs, daring the youths in the best Clint Eastwood style - 

 “Go ahead punks – make my day.” 

We suffered a few break ins, probably because we were in a big old rambling building which was a bit too easy  to force entry to. 

In our favor though was an excellent movement detector alarm system linked to the police station right next door. 

A few intruders over the years were startled by what must have seemed like nano seconds from the alarm being triggered and dashing out into the arms of the waiting police. 

(Best definition of a nano second – the time from when the traffic light turns green, and the car behind blasts it’s horn.) 

  5-IMG_0219-001_opt (8) No this is not the hero that helped arrest our burglars.This one looks too much like a  loveable rogue more likely to lick you to death. (Couldn’t get photo right.Too tired to tinker any more.Will try again tomorrow) (Tired or not, I’ll get this - expletive deleted - picture right if I have to stay up all night tonight!)

I would like to claim that the animal was on a vegetarian dog diet, but I think it would be highly unlikely bearing in mind that the majority of expert advice is against it. 

It is possible.There are many vegetarian owners that successfully manage to keep a dog fit and bounding with good health and vitality, especially if like many humans a compromise flexitarian or mediterranean type diet is followed. 

Some expert advice is reasoned in the following extracts from veterinary publications. 

Against - 

“Let’s take a look at what dogs eat in the wild.  A wolf or stray dog typically will kill an animal or scavenge until it finds acceptable fare.  In the wild, a dog will consume grains and vegetables, but the dog’s diet also contains meat. 

Taking a look at your pet’s teeth, you may notice that grinding and tearing surfaces are present.  This is one indication that dogs are omnivorous.  This means that dogs are biological meat and plant eaters.  Straying from nature can be a difficult task, but may not be impossible.

It can be possible to feed your dog solely vegetarian meals, but this type of diet is not typically recommended for your pet.  Your dog’s diet must be well balanced and nutritious to support good health and optimal body function.  A completely vegetarian lifestyle may be perfect for you, but difficult to achieve for your dog.” 

For a Flexi Compromise - 

“Dogs can actually be quite healthy on a vegetarian diet”, according to Dr. Armaiti May, DVM. (http://www.v-dogfood.com/2-health-dr-may.html). “Dogs– like humans, and unlike cats– are omnivores and can derive full nutritional benefit from either plants or meat. But you don’t have to make your dog fully veggie-powered to lighten his ecological load. Just a few vegetarian meals a day can drastically reduce his ecological impact (while improving his health)”. 

Following are some vegetarian dog foods to consider, as either supplements or as a core component of your pooch’s diet. 

Example vegetarian products formulated to provide a dogs complete nutritional essentials. 

Natural Balance Vegetarian Formula (Dry) Natural Balance Vegetarian Formula Dog Food, 5-Pound Bag

This organic, all-natural dry food contains brown rice, oatmeal, green peas and potatoes– a combination of ingredients designed to provide the perfect balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. The Natural Balance formula is vegan and has added nutrients to meet a dog’s specific nutritional needs.

Natural Balance Vegetarian Formula (Canned) 

Natural Balance Vegetarian Formula Dog Food (Pack of 12 13-Ounce Cans)If your dog is accustomed to eating meat, he’s more likely to go for canned vegetarian foods than dry formulas. With brown rice, barley, canola oil, potato, tomato, and added vitamins and minerals, this human-grade pet food can give your dog all the vegetarian nutrition it needs without the ecological or ethical impact of meat. 

(Here’s a puzzle for you – with a new and improved dog food  – who tests it ?) 

Of course dogs are opportunists and will take advantage of any food sneaking chance as this story told to me by a customer about her dog illustrates – 

The lady bought a dog training video.One of the lessons was about disposition in which the test was for the owner to fall down and pretend hurt. A dog with poor attitude would be confused and do nothing, whereas the good dog would lick it’s owner’s face and show concern. 

The lady said she did a silly thing by deciding to try out the theory while eating dinner. “I stood up clutched my chest, screamed and collapsed on the floor. 

My dog looked at me, looked at my plate, and chose my meal” ! 

Advert bloomer in our local paper – 

‘Free to good home.Golden Retriever. Will eat anything, loves children.’


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If America Sneezes Today ?

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Dairy Free Organic Easter Eggs for Vegan or Vegetarian
Ivor & Friends
Date published: 03/01/2014
8 / 10 stars

If America sneezes today ? The U.K catches cold tomorrow.


(First posted 11th November 2013. Very relevant today with latest Health Authority warnings about sugar.)

And many other countries in the world as well with financial markets being so interdependant.It’s often not just bad economic weather either, it can be similar with the real stuff too. 

If the East coast of America have severe storms, I notice that we often get bad weather here a few days later. It’s like an early warning system.  

There are similarities with health problems related to diet as well, and the vegetarian voice on both sides of the pond is increasingly being seen as having logic, common sense and relevance in it’s message. 

The movement has come a long way since being thought of as weirdos,cranks,bearded anoraks, long haired turnip butchers, and tagged with many worse labels which I won’t mention. 

Awareness Dawns.

The increasing tolerance has been brought about by publicity surrounding food scares, the growing obesity problem, greater awareness that we have to be more choosy in what we eat, or risk the problems attendant with thoughtless eating. 

Isn’t it perverse that so many of the foods and treats that we like are bad for us. It reminds me of the saying – ‘Everything I like is either illegal, immoral,or fattening’!. 

There is a similarity in the re-awakening attitude to diet concerns today to my experience when starting a health food shop in 1972,.and a vegetarian restaurant a year later. 

Within 5 years we went from being cranky and unfashionable to the exact opposite ! 

From the opening we had a steady and loyal customer base from already firm health food believers.Those numbers were added to regularly by newcomers responding to word of mouth recommendations, and also as I found out later (see quote in bold type below) evidence of an obesity health concern in America. 

Colleagues from my previous employment looked in and seeing the buzz and busy atmosphere remarked  “You lucky so and so, how did you think of this. How did you know that this interest would develop”.? 

Well I didn’t  know. I thought our increasing popularity was due to a combination of working hard to give quality, value and service, and fate. So many things seemed to fall into place at the right time, it was uncanny. 

Alarming Health Statistics.

Since retiring though, I’ve researched the early seventies to see if there was something which brought about that remarkable change in attitude, and I discovered a very interesting article which explains perfectly the reason that puzzled me at the time. 

I quote -

Between 1970 and 1980, something changed in the U.S. that caused a massive increase in obesity and other health problems. Some combination of factors reached critical mass that our metabolism could no longer tolerate. The three biggest changes in the American diet since 1970: - 

An increase in cereal grain consumption, particularly wheat. 

An increase in sweetener consumption 

a obesity chart.1970 -2007 Data 1 The replacement of meat and milk fat with industrial vegetable oils, with total fat intake remaining the same. 

 Mainstream America has done to itself what it did to native American and other indigenous cultures worldwide, with the same result... 

Quoted from, and with acknowledgement to –‘ Whole Health Source.- Nutrition and Health Science’  by Stephen Guyenet) 

And is still doing it, as are many other countries. 

Now Asians are fighting the battle of the bulge, too, but they discovered – high fat/wrong fat – foods later, so their gains (bulge) aren’t quite so obvious yet, but they are consuming a lot of western foods, and more wheat and sugar than their parent’s and ancestors ever did.. 

But today’s youngsters do have it harder in one respect.They face a daily bombardment from slick adverts, and too easy access to enticing, hard to resist, snack displays.. 

There’s almost no place on earth one can’t get a Coke these days, and American fast food franchises are everywhere.The young people flock to them’. 

Ticking time bomb !

Eating without thought appears o.k at the time because a youthful constitution can tolerate abuse, but silently and slowly a ticking time bomb is building and will surface later for many in the form of expanding waistlines and below par health 

This contrast sums up the change. Many children go to school today with a sweet snack in one hand and a fizzy drink in the other. 

We took an apple and an orange.




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